(Year 3) Saturation of Barley Chromosomes with Transposons to Target Malting Quality Traits
Dr. Jaswinder Singh, McGill University

(Year 2) Characterization and quantification of arabinoxylans in Canadian malting barley
Marta Izydorczyk, GRL – Canadian Grain Commission (CGC), Winnipeg

(Year 2) Improvement of malting barley quality characteristics through production of more homogeneous seed that results in better endosperm modification
J.T. O’Donovan, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), Lacombe, Alberta

Detection of partial resistance in barley to Fusarium Head Blight using multiple assays
Alberta Agriculture Field Crop Development Centre, Lacombe, Alberta
Project lead – Dr. Pat Juskiw

Characterization of beta glucanase activity in Canadian two-row malting barley and identification of molecular markers linked to higher beta glucanase activity
University of Saskatchewan Crop Development Centre
Dr. Aaron Beattie