Supporting world-class malting barley in Canada

Canadian malting barley is known around the world for its high quality. BMBRI supports this leadership position by helping to ensure new Canadian malting barley varieties are better for growers and meet the premium standards of BMBRI members and their customers.

Driving development, evaluation and communication

BMBRI’s activities build upon three pillars: Research & Development, Evaluation and Communication.

Key activities are at the pre-commercial level and take on several forms, including:

  • Funding research in barley, malting barley and related areas
  • Providing feedback to breeders, researchers, and producers about malting barley quality traits that are important to the industry
  • Coordinating collaborative trials for the registration of new malting barley varieties
  • Coordinating generic plant-scale test information exchange among BMBRI members
  • Contributing to malting barley variety eligibility and recommended lists
  • Providing information and resources to industry members that support production and marketing of Canadian malting barley, malt and beer
  • Representing the interests of industry members to federal and provincial bodies on technical and scientific aspects of seed regulations and variety registration
  • Sponsoring seminars to encourage the flow of knowledge between the malting and brewing industry and the research community, as well as producers
  • Communicating the outcomes of BMBRI’s development and evaluation projects, at domestic and international forums

Representing leading maltsters and brewers

Strong industry membership is the foundation of BMBRI, providing the resources and expertise necessary to critically evaluate new malting barley varieties and identify industry needs.

Membership is open to domestic or international malting and brewing companies or groups with an interest in the Canadian malting barley, malt and brewing industry. (click for more information on membership values and opportunities).