Value From Membership

Value From Membership


  • Support for Canada‚Äôs production and supply of quality malting barley and malt
  • High impact use of membership contributions 
  • Access to BMBRI as a resource for technical information 
  • Networking opportunities with the Canadian barley value chain
  • Available tax credits for member contributions under the SR&ED program

Technical and Scientific

  • Influence the BMBRI research and development priorities and funding allocation
  • Access to research and development results from BMBRI funded projects 
  • Interaction with key Canadian malting barley breeders and researchers 
  • Influence breeders and researchers by communicating the desirable traits needed in malting barley varieties

New Variety Development

  • Participation in decisions on the breeding lines to be advanced in the BMBRI led pre-registration Collaborative field trials
  • Opportunity for members to use their facilities to gain first-hand experience analyzing the advanced breeding lines in the Collaborative trials
  • Participation in BMBRI-coordinated plant-scale testing of new varieties and sharing of non-commercially sensitive results
  • Influence messaging on which newly-registered varieties should be propagated and made available for plant-scale testing

Government Policy and Programs

  • Communicate the importance of public funding for malting barley research and breeding to federal and provincial governments
  • Provide a malting and brewing industry perspective to important agencies involved in funding barley research, farm policy and agriculture in Canada

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