Practical assay methods for predicting germination loss of barley
Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada Brandon, Manitoba
* Dr. Wayne Buckley, Dr. Marta Izydorczyk, Dr. Bill Legge

Development of MALDI-TOF MS techniques for identification and partial characterization of barley proteins and peptides during various stages of the malting and brewing process
GRL – Canadian Grain Commission/University of Manitoba
*Dr. Marta Izydorczyk, Dr. K. Preston, Dr. W. Ens, Dr. J. Mellish, Dr. M. Edney

Association mapping in barley
Department of Plant Science McGill University, Macdonald Campus
*Dr. Diane Mather, Dr. Marc Fortin

Development of novel screening methods for seed dormancy in barley
Field Crop Development Centre AAFRD
*Dr. Jennifer Zantinge, Dr. Joseph Nyachiro, Dr. Jim Helm, Dr. Patricia Juskiw, Dr. Donald Salmon