How to Apply

Grant proposals are invited for projects that meet the ultimate objective of improved malting barley varieties for Canada. Grants are awarded annually and proposals should be received by BMBRI by early December of each year. Notification of the exact deadline will be posted later this summer.

Proposals do not require a specific format, but should include enough information for BMBRI to make an informed decision — project objectives, participants, budget, etc. are all important. Applications already prepared for a separate funding source are also accepted.

Proposals can be delivered in several ways.

  • Email. Word documents can be sent to
  • Mail. Brewing and Malting Barley Research Institute
    PO Box 39120 Lakewood PO
    Saskatoon, SK S7V 0A9

Potential applicants are invited to contact the BMBRI office anytime with questions regarding the granting process. Phone: (306) 370-1787 or email:

The approval process

Proposals received are reviewed by the BMBRI Technical Committee, which makes recommendations to the BMBRI Board of Directors.

The Board provides final approval of the recommendations at its January meeting. Applicants are notified of the decision in early February, and funding for the year begins April 1.

Researchers submitting proposals for projects already being funded by BMBRI must submit a progress report with their new proposal. Final reports on the outcome of completed projects are required, including a statement of the disposal of funds. Researchers may be invited to present results to the BMBRI Technical Committee.