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BMBRI Statement against Desiccants for Malting Barley


July 25, 2017

BMBRI Statement – Desiccant Use on Malting Barley:

For almost twenty years BMBRI malting and brewing industry members have been consistent with the following position statement for the information of malting barley growers and their crop inputs retailers.

“BMBRI members require that barley offered for selection for malting must not have been treated with glyphosate or any other chemical that acts as a desiccant on the barley”

Malting and brewing industry BMBRI members’ opposition to the use of pre-harvest desiccants on malting barley remains unchanged. Individual BMBRI malting and brewing industry members purchasing malting barley from growers in Canada have their own means of implementing this position in their malting barley production and selection/delivery contracts. Reported results from recent agronomic research on use of glyphosate as a desiccant to malting barley do not provide BMBRI with sufficient evidence to change the above position. Growers are also cautioned that any label information on glyphosate or other products that suggests they are approved for use as desiccants on malting barley is not supported by the Canadian malting and brewing industry members of BMBRI.

BMBRI’s position is consistent with a similar position from the American Malting Barley Association (AMBA) below representing its members who buy malting barley and other brewing products in North America, including from Canada.

Current AMBA Position:
“The American Malting Barley Association, Inc. (AMBA) strongly opposes the use of desiccants or herbicides such as glyphosate for post-heading treatment of malting barley, wheat, or other grains in North America being processed for malting, brewing, and distilling. The AMBA Board of Directors cites concerns expressed by the organization’s Technical Committee for potential chemical residues and effects on germination from such treatments that can impact processing or the quality of the final product. Glyphosate is not labeled for post-heading application on malting barley in the United States as a pre-harvest aid to kill weeds, as a desiccant to dry down the crop, or for any other reason.”

Dr. Michael P. Davis, AMBA President, notes that “our members will not knowingly buy malting barley, wheat or other grains, regardless of the grain’s origin, that are treated after heading with these chemicals and residue testing is being performed.”

For further information contact Michael Brophy ( or any Canadian malting company representative.


BMBRI participation in next Barley Research Cluster (2018-2023)


BMBRI’s Technical Committee is currently engaged with other value chain stakeholder and funding consortium organizations to develop and support an approved list of project applications for the next national Growing Forward Agri-Innovation Program (GFIII AIP) Cluster for the period 2018-2023. BMBRI will participate with provincial grower commissions and Western Grains Research Foundation (WGRF) under with coordination by the Barley Council of Canada to submit this application for a cluster of projects what would receive BMBRI-grower and federal funding. Details of the full GFIII AIP Cluster application will be available towards the end of 2017.

BMBRI Approves Breeding and Research Grants for 2017-18

BMBRI Board of Directors has approved a $140,000 in total grants for breeding, agronomy and quality research projects in 2017-18. This includes the final year annual contribution to the 2013-2018 Agri Innovation Program (AIP) Barley Breeding and Research Cluster (BMBRI annual grant of $87,175), plus over $50,000 for a number of other non-AIP breeding and research projects. BMBRI’s Board of Directors has also allocated provision for potential additional projects that may be submitted during 2017 that can address BMBRI’s research goals for improved malting barley quality traits and best management practices for malting barley production and selection.

BMBRI Announces Additional Research Grants for 2016-17


BMBRI will provide a total of $142,175 in total grants for breeding, agronomy and quality research projects, which includes a continuation of an annual contribution to the 2013-2018 Agri Innovation Program (AIP) Barley Breeding and Research cluster of $87,175, plus $55,000 for a number of other non-AIP breeding and research projects.

For details see 2016-17 BMBRI Research Grants

BMBRI Announces Research Grants for 2015-16


Following its annual Board of Directors meeting in Winnipeg on June 16, BMBRI has announced its annual research grants for 2015-16 for malting barley breeding and research. BMBRI has been providing such research funding since its establishment in 1948 in support of its core mandate – development of improved malting barley for growers and industry in Canada.

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National Barley Research Cluster ready to take barley to next level


Barley science in Canada received a major boost today with the signing of agreements for the “Adding Value to Barley National Research Cluster” project.

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BMBRI Announces Research Grants for 2013-14


New research grants for 2013-14 to a total value of $115,000 have been approved BMBRI’s Board of Directors and Technical Committee.  “BMBRI is very pleased that the major portion of our approved research grants for 2013-14 are for malting barley breeding and research projects that will be part of the new five-year Canadian Barley Research Cluster being funded under the government of Canada’s Agri-Innovation Program (AIP).  Read More

BMBRI Announces Research Grants for 2012-13


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Elite Barley: Canadian Malt Barley Grower Recognition Program


Winnipeg, Man., January 16, 2012. Fifteen barley producers from across Canada are being honored under the Elite Barley grower recognition program for their excellence in producing malt barley in 2011. Read More

BMBRI Announces Researches Grants for 2011-12


A new round of research funding from the Brewing and Malting Barley Research Institute (BMBRI) aims to build a more compelling economic and agronomic case for farmers to maintain and expand barley acres. Read More