23rd BMBRI Triennial Barley Meeting

23rd BMBRI Triennial Program

Crop Development Centre Barley Breeding and Research Update
A.D. Beattie – Crop Development Centre – University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK

Genetic Variations in Low Temperature Seedling Performances
Ludovic J.A. Capo-Chichi – Saskatoon, February 22, 2016

Barley Cluster Activity 16, FCDC Malting Barley
Two-row and Hulless

BMBRI/AIP – Two Row Malting Barley Improvement at AAFC
Dr. Bill Legge & Dr. Ana Badea
Brandon Research and Development Centre, Brandon, MB

Activity 23: The Effects of Cultural Practices on Malt Barley Quality in Eastern North America
A. Mills, A. Choo, M. Izydorczyk, J. Durand, M. Sorrels, J. Kobler

23rd BMBRI Triennial Barley Improvement Meeting
John O’Donovan, AAFC Lacombe

A New Approach to Finding FHB Resistance and Lower DON Accumulation in Two-Row Barley
James Tucker, Ana Badea, Dilantha Fernando, and Bill Legge – Feb. 23, 2016 Saskatoon, SK

Improving Disease Resistance With Better Phenotyping and Genotyping
Jennifer Zantinge, Pat Juskiw, Kequan Xi, Flavio Capettini, Joseph Nyachiro.
FCDC, A.F. Lacombe, AB.