Year: 2017

BMBRI Statement against Desiccants for Malting Barley

July 25, 2017 BMBRI Statement – Desiccant Use on Malting Barley: For almost twenty years BMBRI malting and brewing industry members have been consistent with the following position statement for the information of malting barley growers and their crop inputs retailers. “BMBRI members require that barley offered for selection for malting must not have been […]

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BMBRI participation in next Barley Research Cluster (2018-2023)

BMBRI’s Technical Committee is currently engaged with other value chain stakeholder and funding consortium organizations to develop and support an approved list of project applications for the next national Growing Forward Agri-Innovation Program (GFIII AIP) Cluster for the period 2018-2023. BMBRI will participate with provincial grower commissions and Western Grains Research Foundation (WGRF) under with […]

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BMBRI Approves Breeding and Research Grants for 2017-18

BMBRI Board of Directors has approved a $140,000 in total grants for breeding, agronomy and quality research projects in 2017-18. This includes the final year annual contribution to the 2013-2018 Agri Innovation Program (AIP) Barley Breeding and Research Cluster (BMBRI annual grant of $87,175), plus over $50,000 for a number of other non-AIP breeding and […]

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